Customs clearance

Smooth import and export procedures

CIF Concilio International Freight GmbH offers support for all your import and export procedures. To ensure these run smoothly, we have built up extensive know-how in customs bureaucracy over many years. However, finding the shortest route to the destination is often at least as important. Due to the growth of import/export traffic, IT-supported customs clearance is now essential. We have all the necessary accounts and experience in working with this sometimes highly complex specialist software.

CIF handles everything from customs clearance to fiscal representation, from sanctions list checks, export declarations and export controls to EUR.1 movement certificates. You can depend on us.

Our services:

Our import services


Free circulation

Non-EU goods for the European domestic market require import clearance for free circulation.


Custody / Change of custodian

We organize the acceptance and temporary storage of customs goods. This is necessary within the jurisdiction of the Hamburg customs.


Fiscal representation

A fiscal representative can arrange for a company from another EU country to release goods for free circulation in Germany, but at the same time pay import VAT in the company’s country of origin.


Inward processing

Here, non-Union goods are temporarily imported into the customs territory of the Union “for processing” and then re-exported.


Outward processing

Here, Union goods are temporarily exported for processing operations and subsequently re-imported.


Clearance of returned goods

For special products, we notify a return clearance for exported EU goods if it is necessary to re-import them due to special circumstances.


Temporary admission

On your behalf, we will apply for temporary admission for goods that are imported for a specific purpose / only for a limited time and are later re-exported in an unchanged condition.

Our export services


Export declaration (ABD)

We will prepare the export accompanying document (ABD) for you if the value of the goods is 1000 EUR or more and/or the weight is 1000 kg or more. An export accompanying document ensures the de-registration of the goods from Germany.


Electronic export monitoring (ZAPP)

ZAPP stands for “Customs Export Monitoring in Paperless Port (B/Z/S number)”. We use this digital platform to manage the loading of shipments in the Port of Hamburg, including customs clearance. ZAPP represents the second stage of the export procedure in Hamburg.


Electronic export monitoring (HDS)

The port data set (HDS) contains the shipping-relevant and also the customs-relevant data for the second export stage. Thus, a B, Z or S number can also be generated via HDS.


Electronic export monitoring (BHT)

In Bremen and Bremerhaven, exports are monitored via the BHT system.
The declared data is transmitted to the terminals and processed to monitor the actual export procedure.


Electronic export monitoring (WHT)

Wilhelmshaven uses the WHT system to process the second stage of the export procedure.


Portbase declaration (electronic export monitoring in the Netherlands)

The Dutch customs authorities monitor exports using Portbase. Portbase links the shipping-relevant data from the booking confirmations with the customs data from the export documents.


APCS (electronic export monitoring in Belgium)

APCS is used to monitor the actual export of goods at the Belgian seaports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge.


T2L und T2LF

We will prepare the T2L shipping document for you to prove the customs status of Union goods. The T2LF is a special form for tax areas of the EU that are not subject to excise duties and VAT.


EUR.1 movement certificates

The EUR.1 movement certificate can be used to exempt goods from customs duties or to apply lower customs duties. It is based on the free trade, preferential trade and cooperation agreements of the EC.


A.TR movement certificates

The A.TR movement certificate is used for exemption or reduction of customs duties. It based on the free trade, preferential trade and cooperation agreements of the EC.


Customs clearance

We will be happy to provide timely answers to your questions by phone, email or contact form. After consultation with you, we can also integrate challenging special requests and complex orders into optimal logistical solutions with an excellent price-performance ratio.

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